Doccas Food, is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of margarines and spreads for the Retail sector. Born of the experience on the treatment of vegetable oils and fats of the Nuova Sesac Group to which it belongs. A business group which capital’s hundred percent from Valencia (Spain) and more than 30 years dedicated to, among others, the production of margarines, fats and oils for the food industry.
Our products are used by well-known international firms, as well as craftsmen confectioners and Horeca channel professionals. A “Know-how” that is now shared directly with the consumers thanks to the opening of one of the most modern factories in Europe, committed to market with differentiated products and high added value.

Food Doccas a 4.0 plant

Doccas Food is a production plant recently built, included within the so-called new industry 4.0. A new productive generation that is leading a concept of intelligent factory, capable of greater adaptability in the manufacturing processes and a more efficient allocation of resources.

It is characterized by an automation and complete interconnectivity of the equipment, with the aim of achieving the highest standards of quality and control. This, together with the design and the layout of the plant, has enabled Doccas Food to comply with the most restrictive processing certifications (BRC, IFS, ISO14000, HALAL…).

From the company we use palm fruit oil for several of our products, and we are aware of the importance of the traceability of this raw material. That is why since 2017 we are active members of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (

Our production processes comply with the requisites established by five different food safety and quality certifications, two of which also certify sustainable environmental management.

The Spanish “smart factory” margarines and spreads

The equipment at Doccas Food are interconnected, controlled and supervised by two central units, which allow recording from zero the entire manufacturing process: from the discharge of the raw materials, through the implementation of product recipes (which are made fully automatic) way to the cleaning of the production equipment and packaging between different lots and / or recipes.

Absolutely all operations are registered in the el Integral Traceability System. Thus, any data within the plant can be viewed both online and offline: temperature, pressure, flow rates, processing times and cleanliness, conductivity, pH, among others.
These are some of the indicators that make Doccas Food one of the more efficient and modern margarine factories:

  • 7,000 square meters


  • 9 million € investment


  • 25.000TN / year of production capacity


  • 2 Own laboratories


Nuova Sesac Groupe experience in manufacturing margarines is born in the 80s with the creation of Gracomsa Alimentaria. Since then is the only family owned company from Valencia present in this market and whose products are exported to more than 20 countries.

Doccas Food production center is located in Picassent (Valencia) near the main transport routes of the Mediterranean by land, sea or air.

Our customers value the agility and flexibility with which we respond to their demands. The Group is currently present in all international markets: North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.


Research and development are the backbone of our business strategy and a key to target a demanding market such as the retail market.

We have two laboratories and a unit of Research, Development and Innovation, which puts every effort to achieve high quality products and with the capacity to surprise the consumer’s demands.

In this innovation process is involved a multidisciplinary team consisting of all departments of the company; R & D, Marketing, Finance, Purchasing, Quality and Operations, working together to produce a product of higher quality and more competitive.

Doccas’ Food human team gathers specialized engineers and chemicals in various areas ranging food and processes among others. This is a group of highly qualified people, because of the high degree of automation of the production process.


With one production line, one of Doccas’ Food strengths is its its remarkable room for production growth futuro. Due to its intelligent design, it is possible to install four lines more to suit demand and reach a production of 25,000 tons per year.

Currently this plant is producing margarines and spreads for the private label present at major retailers and supermarkets in the world. In the short term we aim to launch an innovative line of margarines under our own label.

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